Using my life-long experience in making art and my degree in arts and teaching, I have given painting lessons for 6 years.

In these lessons, I let people show their ability and style. We set a goal, so we know what to strive for.

From that point on, I motivate and help them develop their own style. This is done by showing them different kinds of techniques and exploring a variety of painting styles together.

Instead of whole-class teaching. I give personal attention to everyone’s work adapted to their abilities.

The lessons are given in groups based on age, not on experience. This way everyone can relate best with their peers, while still being able to teach or learn from one another.

All lessons are given in Dutch.


The lessons are given in my studio.

Javastraat 126-E
1094 HW Amsterdam


25 euro per 2 hours of lessons and 45 minutes of discussion.

Payment is preferred per 5 or 10 lessons.

To apply for lessons, give me a call or a text at +316 24175916